Name of Organisation

Since September 2003, the Partnership:


 Has assisted in the re-formation of the Lutterworth Chamber of Trade and Commerce

 Has launched the Lutterworth Boost Campaign recognising local people, businesses and service for the job that they do.

 Has launched Lutterworth Towntalka monthly news sheet for around 250 businesses in the town

 Has launched the Lutterworth Loyalty Shopping Campaign. Shop in Lutterworth and put your receipt in an entry box with your name and telephone number on it to be entered in a monthly prize draw

 Is about to launch the Lutterworth WORTH Campaign. A co-ordinated series of street banners, posters, postcards etc showing the unique worth of Lutterworth. Mock-ups aimed at improving shopping, living, doing business in Lutterworth are available for our office.


We are working on a whole series of initiatives aimed at making Lutterworth and District a better place to work, shop, play and rest.



Lutterworth Improvement Partnership, Mar. 04.



Lutterworth Improvement Partnership Telephone Number 01455 555588 Facsimile Number 01455 555572 Web Site   Email Address   Principle Contact   Opening Times Mon then Thu-Sat 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

(Oct to Mar times may vary - please phone to confirm)